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उत्तराखंड सतरुद्रा ट्रस्ट



It is no coincidence that the four letters of health are "to be well."

Our Words

Individual and society complement each other. With the help of one the position of the other is strengthened. The foundation of social life is established by the coordination and solidarity of individual life. A person has an unbreakable relation with the society. Therefore the responsibility and duty of an individual in the interest of the betterment of the society is infinite.

People need to make continuous efforts for the prosperity and development of the society. The society improves only by the progress of the individual and the development of the individual is reflected in the development of the society. That's why social service is considered the best religion of mankind.

Man is the biggest creation of God. All human beings are equal in his eyes. But everyone's physical ability, financial status and educational qualification are not the same. It is possible to remove this inequality and establish equality and friendship in the society only with service mentality. Besides this, there are many people in the society who are suffering, suffering and physically disabled.It is not at all possible to cater to their various needs or to solve the problems individually. For this they look to the help and sympathy of other capable people in the society. , That's why social service is needed to remove sorrow. , All the natural calamities like floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes have disrupted the normal life of many people in the society. , Providing help to them in various ways is social service.

The scope of social service is very wide. It is an extension from your family and village or city to international level. The selfless service that a man renders for the society, anywhere, is considered as social service in the true sense. Many people are still subject to illiteracy and prejudice, and are lagging behind in health care, personal hygiene, and environmental awareness. This includes community service in an effort to build healthy habits in them in the above areas. Even today there are many people from weaker sections in the society. It is also a social service which provides them the necessary help to improve their personal life. Whatever can be done to build a healthy society by removing sorrow, grief and oppression from the society, comes under the purview of social service.

Serving the society by keeping personal happiness and freedom behind is the ideal of a social worker. Helping by sacrificing selfishness is the real social service. It is not a good idea to expect anything in return for the service. It is the duty of every social worker to create a healthy society free from superstition and prejudice by removing sorrow, grief, poverty, disease, injustice, oppression, exploitation etc. from the society.The road to social work is not an easy one. For this one has to face obstacles and lots of problems. That's why every social worker needs to be courageous and patient.

Social service is an important task. But it should always be a selfless act. Although many people seem to be socially connected on the outside these days, it is clear that they have no sincerity in doing so. Many people do this for cheap popularity and other interests. It is not desirable to serve the society under compulsion. Many people are forced to work and engage in social work under the influence of external pressure. But his service is not fruitful in any way. So serving from your heart is the real social service.

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