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उत्तराखंड सतरुद्रा ट्रस्ट


Happiness is not a ready made thing, it comes with help.

Spread happiness with charity in any way be it education, medicine, environment and family.

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Uttarakhand Satrudra Trust

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State Bank of India

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General Mahadev Singh Road, Dehradun

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We can't do this without your help and donations.

We want to give people of all ages and abilities practical, life-changing experiences of the natural world.

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Understand our mission.

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Appreciate our vision by donating to us.

Step 2

Choose how to help.

Our Beneficiaries - Medical Support

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Scan our QR code or UPI ID to pay online.

Step 4

Share screenshot Send to this number. +91 0000000000

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Get confirmation

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List of Donors/Contributors to the Trust: 2021-22

The list of donations will be helpful at the time of filing a statement of donations. The details that should be collected from the donors are as follows: