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"Life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

About Us

The give-back is immeasurable, especially when it is our time, knowledge & resources; and extending support to the poor and needy people is the generous gesture of gratefulness and a valuable way to uplift them. With this idea, our group of likeminded friends, after successfully superannuating from services, formed “Uttarakhand Satrudra Trust”, as a medium to reach out to the people and help them gracefully. The Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated primarily for the social upliftment of the underprivileged families and children from remote villages. The Trust provides monthly financial assistance to the children to pursue their studies, monthly financial assistance to families who have less than the bare minimum or even no source of income for their livelihood and patients who are unable to afford the expenses towards their medical treatment or surgery in the event of emergency or severe ailment.

All the members of the Trust are also very concerned about the deteriorating environment around us therefore various options are being explored by the Trust for implementation with a very realistic approach.

We are a passionate team driven by purpose and commitments to our mission. We seek understanding, build trust and create meaning in our work together.

Weare all about relationships, collaboration, communication and teamwork. When we join forces with those around us, we all go further than we ever could alone.

We are committed to delivering sustainable results, and recognize that clarity, learning and growth are at the heart of the work we do together. When we harness this power collectively, we are confident to achieve milestones.

Our goals

Upliftment of mankind and society through high level of service to education, health, nutrition, counseling and social work.

Our vision

To provide assistance, encourage and care to especially needy students, poor class and disadvantaged people in the societywith a focus on rural community so that they can get a respectable place in the society and make a positive change in their lives.

Our Objectives

• The purposes for which the trust has been set up are educational, social, cultural, community welfare, help to poor and helpless people and medical relief.

• To run, maintain or assist educational or other institutions to counsel, guide, update modern facilities or vocational trainingor to distribute education materials to poor, qualified and needy students, from all sections of the society

• Encourage and empower girls towards education and promote gender equality. Create an environment through education to create a sense of their full potential for home-based income generation activities.

• To, educate and inspire citizens for strong national character and integrity by encouraging them in sports, spiritual and cultural disciplines.

• Help, and assistance in operation of medical institutions, destitute homes and assistance to needy and poor persons for medical treatment.

• To provide financial or allied assistance to victims and livestock due to natural calamities/climate change.

• To assist, improve and uplift the rural population through various developmental activities in all areas of employment to secure better livelihoods॰