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🙏 Welcome To Uttarakhand Satrudra Trust 🙏

Man is God's greatest creation. In His eyes all human beings are equal, but not everyone has the same physical ability, financial status, and educational qualifications. It is only through the service mindset that it is possible to remove this inequality and establish equality and friendship in the society. Moreover, there are many people in the society who are suffering, suffering and physically disabled. It is not possible at all to meet their various needs or solve problems individually. For this they hope for the help and sympathy of other capable people in the society. So social service is needed to overcome sufferings. Many people's normal life is disrupted by natural calamities like floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes, providing them assistance in various ways is social service. People need to make constant efforts for the prosperity and development of the society.

Society improves only by the progress of the individual and the development of the individual is reflected in the development of the society. Therefore, social service has been considered as the best religion of mankind.

Those lucky people who were not deprived of any resources for a living, now is the time to return to their full potential in social welfare. Keeping this spirit at its core, this trust is also dedicated to implementing its objectives on the ground.



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